Vox Populi interviewed the head of the Jordanian company JAIN Engineering Consultant International, Mr. Ammar Nahya. His company is working on Talan Towers. The interview covered the prospects for developing ecological construction techniques and improving the social situation for the country, as well as the economic outlook as far as the construction of "green" buildings is concerned and its impact on the infrastructure of Astana and Kazakhstan.

Vox: Let's talk about "green construction". In Kazakhstan, this area is just beginning to develop. On the eve of Expo, which will take place in 2017, we would like to know about the benefits of this trend.

- As we understand it, there is a so-called "trinity of factors." This means that everything we do should provide a benefit and be paid back with benefit too: after all, we work to get paid, we need somewhere to sleep and get dressed and we are trying to save money to go on vacation. All that people do should be returned for their benefit and all the others: it is the principle of "the trinity of factors."

It means that "green construction" consists of three important components:

1) environmental;

2) social;

3) economic.

These three components are the basis of our concept. And it is first and foremost the benefit of "green construction."

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