1. Reliable investment

Verny Capital is one of the founders of and a key investor in Talan Towers. This is a significant project and a great investment in capital-commerce property. The total investment is about USD 350 million. We apply the best strategies and attract highly skilled partners from all over the world. The Talan Towers project is an example of high quality in the Kazakhstan property market. Mr. Erlan Ospanov, CEO of Verny Capital investment group.

2. First Luxury Hotel

Talan Towers offers a unique opportunity to visit Ritz-Carlton in the very heart of Astana. We are looking forward to open the Talan Towers Luxury hotel, located in a comfortable area of this dynamic city. The hotel will provide a high-quality service, for which The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company is greatly renowned. Sandeep Walia, Vice-President, Europe, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company (USA).

3. Effective construction management

In Astana, Talan Towers offers retail, residential, hotel and office areas of the highest standard. For Turner International, this is an opportunity to cooperate with partners from three continents - suppliers and contractors from all over the world.
John Le Bron,
General Design Manager
Turner International (USA)

4. Unique architecture

Talan Towers is the result of a thorough approach to design and effective cooperation with our clients. This has helped us create an original, functional, ecological and unique architectural style..
Originally seen as a logical and sequential part of the square around Baiterek, Talan Towers will attract visitors throughout the year and offer them exclusive and varied attractions, as well as luxury stores, restaurants, hotels, residences and offices.
Pablo De Miguel,
General Architect

5. Luxury interior (hotel)

The Ritz-Carlton hotel in Astana has a modern interior created through high-quality materials and fabrics, creating an atmosphere of luxury, style, comfort and hospitality.
Every guest room and suite in the hotel will be luxurious and chic, distinguished by great service and comfort, which is only to be expected from this level of luxury.
Terry MacGillicutty
RICHMIND ( Great Britain)

6. Contemporary interior (luxury gallery)

Talan Towers proves the economic success of Astana and Kazakhstan and it symbolizes the progress made in this region. Callison is proud to be a part of the team, working with world-famous companies like SOM and Richmond, and we are happy to see that the project is successfully approaching its completion stage.
Christoph von Bruchhausen,
CALLISON (Great Britain)

7. Exquisite F&B consulting

This will become a beautiful and informative project for the city and unique and a wonderful “stage” for travelers from all over the world and the place where East meets West.
The place will be a memorable sight of the highest standards, built in the spirit of excellence.
Tony Dewsbury
Creative Director
Blacksheep (Great Britain)

8. Exquisite consulting on lightning

The fact that we have been chosen to cooperate in the Talan Towers project will allow Paul Nulty Lighting Design (PNLD) to create a lighting concept that will show how successful lighting can emphasize luxury objects and make them even more beautiful.
Paul Nulty
General Director
Paul Nulty Lightning Design (Great Britain)

9. Creative branding

Talan Towers offers supremacy on all levels due to its location, its beautiful architectural design, luxury hotel and first-class tenants. This idea is the center of brand positioning, identification and creates opportunities reflected in the brand mark.
Peter Knapp
International Creative Director
Landor Associates (Great Britain)

10. Smart engineering

For me, Talan Towers is the symbol of elegance and tranquility in Astana. I think a qualitative approach to designing and service will make this site one of the best in Astana..
Oldzhai Atschyksyoz
Project Manager

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