What Is a Green Building

Energy and resource-efficient

Better quality space – healthy indoor environment

Construction process with reduced impact on environment

Innovations and green technology

Better project control

Use of environmentally friendly materials

Third-party certified

What Is Leed

Green building certification program that recognizes best-in-class building strategies and practices

LEED was launched in 2000 by USGBC (United States Green Building Standards)

Each day, 140,000 m2 of building space is certified by LEED

Mandatory for municipal buildings in several states (California)

National versions in India and Italy

What Tenants will Recieve

Tenants of Talan Towers Offices receive the following benefits from green building concept:

Increased staff productivity

Improved corporate image

Corporate social responsibility

Reduced utility bill

Talan Towers and LEED: key points

Targeted points will be achieved in the following categories:

Sustainable sites:

Bicycle storage and changing rooms, efficient layout – heat island effect reduction

Green roof and landscaping

Energy efficiency:

Building orientation and efficient facades

Efficient lighting solutions

Highly reflective materials and energy sub-metering

Maximize use of daylight in retail area

Energy recovery systems

Smart building automation system

Water consumption

Efficient sanitary fixtures


Construction waste management

All waste during construction was recycled

Best management practices were performed during construction to maintain occupant’s health during operation