Dear guests, please study the list of measures taken to prevent COVID - 19.
We care for your health and safety.

Engineering systems

Supply and exhaust machines are switched to the street air intake mode, air recirculation is disabled.

Disinfection of supply and exhaust machines and fan coil units in public areas is implemented.

The filters on the supply and exhaust machines and fan coil units in public areas were replaced.


The social distancing floor marks are made for guests and visitors.

The reception service will be collecting the incoming correspondence from 8:30 to 19:30 with subsequent transfer to the tenants.

Registration of visitors will be carried out through the Sine system without using the tablet at the reception desk.

The admission of representatives of courier services to the floors of tenants is forbidden.

Outgoing correspondence will be passed to couriers by representatives of tenants in the lobby on the 1st floor.

In order to minimize the risk of spreading the virus, furniture from the lobby will be temporarily removed.

Thermal chambers are installed; temperature of incoming persons is measured. No persons with elevated temperature are admitted.


The doors to the corridors from the parking level Р2 to the elevators will be open at all times to minimize the contact with the door handles.

Social distancing floor marks with designation of safe distance will be placed on the floor in elevator cabins.

Thermal chambers are installed for the purpose of measuring temperature of incoming persons. No persons with elevated temperature are admitted

Cleaning Service

The frequency of door handles, elevator call panels, and turnstiles sanitation has been increased.

Dispensers with sanitizer are placed in common areas.

All cleaning procedures are carried out with the use of certified disinfectant agents.

Personnel temperature is measured daily.

An area is designated for separate collection of used face masks and gloves with subsequent disposal by a dedicated company


Access to the dining room is provided at time intervals in order to minimize the crowds as well as to meet the following safety measures:

  • Service of food delivery to tenant floors is provided
  • Regular intensive room disinfection
  • Safe distance marking
  • All staff in the dining room is checked for COVID-19
  • Tables are placed in accordance with social distance measures


All contractors are checked for elevated temperature at the service entrance to the building

Maintenance personnel wears personal protective equipment (face masks).

Staff of the main contracting companies and of the utility company is subject to periodic COVID-19 testing.